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True wilderness shots that capture grizzlies at their most fearsome, as well as their most gentle moments, are the hallmark of Kennan Ward's award-winning photography, and "Grizzlies in the Wild" is a showcase for this incredible work. The text is Ward's own, rich with personal experience and insight, as well as natural history, legend and lore about the bear. It reveals much about his deep respect and abiding admiration for the grizzly bear - one of the most feared, yet loved mammals in North America. From the Publisher Share Kennan's expeditions into bear country, whenhe spends several weeks at a time in the wild, tacking, observing, photographing, and learning grom grizzlies and te surrounding land. Meet "grandpaw", "son of a bear", and "cottonmouth.' Feel the frigid chill of winter camping at the foot of Denali as the northern lights dance like colorful phantoms in the night sky. Go clamming with bears for delicacies along Alaska's southern shore. Page by page, learn about the habits, life cycles, and environments of wild grizzly bears.

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